LIQUI MOLY offers the matching motor oil for every vehicle in the world.

Our motor oils have a variety of approvals by German and overseas car manufacturers, or fulfil the requirements of the producers. And, even here, there are still differences: A manufacturer approval means that the oil fulfils certain minimum requirements.

But Liqui Moly go beyond these requirements and develop oils that, for example, have a higher cleaning performance than what is required by the manufacturer.

Only perfectly lubricated motors and gears run smoothly. This is why LIQUI MOLY offers oils tailored to suit each vehicle precisely. Whether for a car or truck, motorcycle or moped, scooter or quad bike, bus or digger, vintage car or boat. Whether it’s a gasoline or diesel motor. Fully synthetic, synthetic technology, semi-synthetic or mineral-based. Always in the very highest quality. Always made in Germany. Our oil service and storage concept – including multi-use containers, oil cabinets and other technical equipment – ensures convenient, quick and economical oil changing.

Liqui Moly Lubricants