Daily-driver and performance vehicles, light trucks, marine and anything you want to be more bad ass than your neighbours

Red Line High Performance engine oils are specially formulated to maximise the suspension of combustion contaminants and reduce harmful emissions

Red Line’s best-of-the-best formula is designed for maximum performance and protection, no expense spared. This formula far exceeds the narrow specification bandwidth required for OEM and API approval. Red Line’s philosophy is not to make an oil to meet a price point or OEM/API specs, it’s designed to be the best motor oil on the market for street, track, competition and off-road use.

Their oils offer the most advanced formulation on the market, engineered for optimum performance and protection, from daily passenger cars to track day use

FULL SYNTHETIC – Group IV PAO/Group V ester base stocks with ~1350 ppm Zinc, 1230 ppm Phosphorus as ZDDP 500 ppm Molybdenum

  • Industry leading high temp/high shear performance
  • Improved mileage and longer drain intervals
  • More horsepower and better wear control
Red Line Engine Oil Range at Car Service Packs