Why choose Fuchs Titan Race Pro S?

Fuchs Titan Race Pro S range of oils are fully synthetic Ester/PAO based high performance engine oils. The products are suitable for use in all modern cars and are particularly recommended for high performance engines where their exceptional shear stability and wear protection help to maintain consistent power output and reliability. The fully synthetic base fluid ensures that the products are thermally stable and extremely resistant to oxidation, even when stressed to the extremes of endurance. The excellent overall performance profile ensures optimum protection even in the most demanding turbo-charged power units in modern performance cars. The discerning motorist may be confident that the products excel in all areas of performance and ensure maximum protection under all operating conditions.

Advantages and Benefits

  • The inclusion of ester synthetic polar compounds leads to improvements in lubricity and ensures excellent anti-wear performance in all areas
    particularly in respect of high lift cam-shafts and other heavily loaded valve train components
  • Excellent low temperature flow characteristics protect valve gear, even in the most severe UK and European winter conditions, and also improve cold start performance
  • The full synthetic formulations lead to very low volatility, and this in turn ensures minimum piston deposits and the lowest possible oil consumption and maximum exhaust catalyst efficiency

Product Range

Fuchs Titan Race Pro S is available in the following grades;

  • 5W30
  • 5W40
  • 10W50
  • 10W60



ACEA: A3, B3

Titan Race Pro S Range