Cam Belts – Rover K Series

Cam Belts – Rover K Series

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OEM Cam Belts and Tensioners for the Rover K Series Engine

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Rover K Series Cam Belts

The Rover K Series engine, found in many cars including MG’s, Lotus, Caterhams etc,  has a number of options when it comes to cam belts. We have tried to simplify the options for choosing the correct belt. If you are unsure which belt you need then please contact us by clicking here.

If you have a VVC or VHPD engine (145, 160 or 190 bhp) then you need a 26 mm manual cam belt. If you have a VVC engine, you will also need the Rear VVC Timing Belt (this does not apply to the VHPD engine).

If you have an early car (up to mid 1999) then you most likely need a 23 mm manual cam belt. Later cars from mid 1999 onwards, generally use a 26 mm automatic cam belt.

All of our cam belts and tensioners are sourced from MG Rover and they are generally made by Gates or Dayco so you can be assured that they are the best quality belts available.

You can also select a new tensioner to go with your new belt.

To summarise the belts we offer

26 mm Manual Belt

This is a 26 mm wide belt with 143 teeth and is used on all of the VVC and VHPD engines.

23 mm Manual Belt

This is a 23 mm wide belt with 143 teeth and is generally used on the earlier cars, up to mid 1999.

26 mm Automatic Belt

Cars from mid 1999 that are not VVC or VHPD engines generally use an automatic belt. These are 26 mm wide and have 145 teeth.

Rear VVC Timing Belt

Cars that have a VVC Engine also require a shorted VVC timing belt that goes to the rear of the engine.

Don’t forget to select the correct tensioner for the timing belt you are ordering. Manual Tensioners for Manual Belts (either 23 or 26 mm wide), Automatic Tensioners for the Automatic belts.

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26 mm Manual, 23 mm Manual, 26 mm Automatic, Rear VVC Timing Belt, Manual Tensioner, Automatic Tensioner