52mm Throttle Body and TPS

52mm Throttle Body and TPS


Genuine MG Rover 52mm Alloy Throttle Body and TPS for the Rover K Series (Part # MHB000261)

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Genuine MG Rover 52mm Throttle Body for the Rover K Series Engine (Part Number MHB000261).

A great upgrade from the original 48mm plastic version which are prone to stick and the larger diameter of this alloy body gives better throttle response. The increased airflow into the inlet manifold improves throttle response and improves the low end torque.

Suitable for all K Series engines including the VVC engine. A direct replacement part and very easy to fit. Undo the 4 original bolts, remove vacuum hose and 3 pin electrical connector. Replace with the new throttle body using the 4 bolts, attach the hose and electrical connector and off you go.

Sold complete with a new Throttle Position Sensor

Genuine MG Rover Part MHB000261

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Weight 1.2 kg