CSP Ice Scraper

CSP Ice Scraper


The Official CSP Ice Scraper (2018 Model)

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The Official CSP Ice Scraper

What do you use??? Do you use a credit card that then breaks and you can’t pay for that warming up of coffee? Or an old Take That CD (what else are you going to do with it?)? Do you get an extension lead from the garage and use your old hairdryer to warm the screen (yes, someone really did suggest this idea)?

What you need is the Official CSP Ice Scraper. Small enough to fit in the glove box, but big enough to clear the frozen ice from your windscreen. We have even put your website, email address and telephone number on them so the next time you need engine oil, oil filters or spark plugs you know who to call

Don’t get caught out this winter – order your Official CSP Ice Scraper today and throw your old Take That CD away.

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