Rover K Series Uprated Oil Ladder

Rover K Series Uprated Oil Ladder


Genuine MG Rover Uprated Oil Ladder for the Rover K Series Engine (LCN000140)

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Genuine MG Rover K Series Uprated Oil Ladder

The latest improved oil rail for the Rover K Series engine including the 1.6, 1.8 and VVC variants of the engine.

The Rover K Series engine has been known to suffer from head gasket failures. One potential reason for premature head gasket failure was the original design of the lower oil ladder. The long head bolts used in the Rover K Series engine tighten against the oil ladder to provide a clamping force between the engine head, the head gasket and the engine block.

This uprated oil ladder has been completely redesigned with additional webbing and thicker casting. This redesign adds additional strength so the clamping load is maintained.

When using the higher tensile head bolts, it is important to upgrade the oil ladder in to which the head bolts tighten.

With the introduction of the MLS Gasket, the new SAIC N Series Gasket and the higher tensile head bolts (from 9.8 to 10.9) this oil rail is a must to handle the increased clapping force.

Genuine MG Rover part (part number LCN000140)

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