Filter Fit Guarantee

Filter Fit Guarantee

Our Filter Fit Guarantee

At Car Service Packs, we want our customers to buy with the same confidence that we have in our product. We only sell genuine OEM filters or quality MANN Filters. We are so confident in our product that we guarantee that the filter (air, oil or cabin) will be a direct replacement for your vehicle and will fit perfectly.

If the filter does not fit then we will either refund or replace the filter free of charge.

The following exclusions and terms and conditions apply to our Filter Fit Guarantee.

  • We, Car Service Packs, will refund or replace the filter if it does not fit your vehicle as long as the following conditions have been met;
  • You, the Customer, have provided us with one of the following. The correct Vehicle Registration Number, and / or, the correct make, model, variant and year of the vehicle, and / or the correct engine number of the vehicle.
  • The original manufacturer mounting is retained, undamaged and not modified.
  • The filter does not attach to a “sandwhich plate” adapter for oil, turbo or supercharge coolers.
  • The original air box is fitted and not damaged in anyway.
  • The original air conditioning and heater matrix for the vehicle is retained and not damaged in anyway.
  • the cabin filter mounting points have not been modified.
  • The original engine at the time of manufacture is in place.
  • The filter is for a standard road car, light commercial vehicle or motorcycle and the vehicle has not been modified in anyway.
  • The filter is a standard stock item and has not been modified in anyway and is not a special order product. You will be notified at the time of ordering if any products you have ordered fit in to this category.
  • The vehicle is not used for racing, motorsport, competition or professional use (including deliveries, taxis or trade purposes).
  • Car Service Packs retain the right to remove this guarantee.
  • This guarantee is only for the filter and does not include oils, lubricants, parts, sump plugs or washers.