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Gearbox and Transmission Service Kits

The servicing of transmission, gearboxes and differentials is often overlooked but a vital part of routine maintenance.

Regular gearbox servicing ensures that the transmission system operates at its optimal level. Over time, gear oil will become contaminated and degraded, leading to increased friction, heat, and inefficient power transfer. By replacing the gear oil, filters and inspecting the components, a gearbox service can improve performance, minimize wear, and enhance fuel efficiency.

While servicing a gearbox incurs a cost, it is relatively inexpensive compared to major repairs or gearbox replacements. By addressing minor issues early on, you can help to prevent them from escalating into more severe problems that require costly repairs and gearbox replacements.

Please refer to your vehicle’s manufacturer guidelines or contact a certified mechanic to determine the recommended service intervals and procedures specific to your transmission / gearbox

If you cannot find the correct kit for your gearbox, or would like to know which kit suits your needs then please contact our expert team.