ITG Air Filter Cleaning Kit CLK-1. CL-1 Cleaner and JDR-2 Oil


ITG Air Filter Cleaning Kit CLK-2

The CLK-2 Cleaning kit consists of 1 x CL-1 (500ml) cleaning fluid, and 1 x JDR-2 (400ml) Heavy Duty Dust Retention spray. Ideal for road use.


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ITG Air Filter Cleaning Kit with Dust Retention Spray.

This kit contains 1 x 500 ml bottle of ITG Air Filter Cleaner (CL-1) and a 400 ml spray tin of ITG Heavy Duty Dust Retention Spray

The CL-1 has been designed to work in conjunction with our JDR-1 and JDR-2 dust retention fluid. For full instructions on how to use it please click this cleaning video

JDR-2 will offer the best protection for your engine against the ingress of airborne debris. Not only will it help remove the very finest dust particles but it offers a high resistance to emiulsification in cold, damp conditions and maintains the air flow needed to provide the best performance from your engine.