Elise – Honda Conversion – Service Kits

Elise Honda Conversion Service Kits

For the Lotus Elise with a Honda K20A conversion

Our Service Kits for the Lotus Elise which have had a Honda K20A engine conversion / transplant. All the kits come with an option of one of two oil filters. The Mann W67/1 (equivilant to the Honda Stubby) or the slightly larger W 811/80. Please see the kits for more details.

If you need a specific filter, or if you run a remote oil filter, please contact us

Lotus Elise Series 1 Service Kits


Honda K20A (2.0 L)

  • Capacity 4.7 litre


Honda M6 / M6T 6 Speed Manual

  • Capacity: 1.7 Litres

Brake Fluid

  • Hydraulic DOT 4


  • OAT – 8 Litres
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